Our Calling

We are called to provoke God’s people into preparing for
the Day of the Lord and finishing the work of the Great Commission.

Our Mission

Founded in 1988 by John Mulinde, World Trumpet Mission has its roots in the jungles of Uganda, where travailing prayer during oppressive government dictatorships birthed a movement that brought about the transformation of the whole nation. It has grown to be an international, interdenominational ministry with a global mission and mandate to ‘blow the trumpet’ of the impending Day of the Lord, awakening and equipping the Church, and provoking them to finish Christ’s mission to the nations.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is global! The Lord sent us primarily to the Body of Christ worldwide (to awaken, equip and provoke Christians into destiny) and then to the nations, where we act with the rest of the Body of Christ to disciple all nations (Mat.28:18-20.) Both approaches are supposed to prepare the way for the coming King.

About our pastors

Here is what our pastors
have to say

Rev. Dr. John W Mulinde is the Founder and General Overseer of World Trumpet Mission, and Chairman of the ministry’s International Board of Directors. World Trumpet Mission, an international ministry that promotes transforming revival globally, has been a part of the work of transformation that God has brought about in the nation of Uganda and in nations all over the world. John has been called by the Lord to “Blow the Trumpet” in the nations, calling the church to repentance and preparing the Body of Christ for the day of the Lord’s return. He has been travelling the past few decades, sharing this message throughout the world. John and his wife Sheila have nine children and live in Kampala, Uganda.

Pastor at WTM

Pastor Mark Daniel is the Assistant General Overseer Vice Chairman of the International Board of Directors of World Trumpet Mission. He is also a Senior Pastor of Focal Point Church and a director of a World Trumpet Mission base that prepares missionaries for revival, in Orlando, Florida. Mark travels to many nations to share the call to a life solely lived for the purposes of God. With a burning awareness of the times in which we are living he has a passion to see the ‘God of the Bible’ at work and His mission and purposes fulfilled in our day. He and his wife Becky have three boys and live in Orlando, Florida.

Pastor at WTM

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